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Labour Hire & Recruitment Agency Insurance

Ausure Horizon are your labour hire and recruitment agency insurance specialists. We work with labour hire companies and recruitment agencies to give them the right cover.

Does your labour hire company require insurance?

Peace of Mind

There are a plethora of insurance policies which manufacturers can opt for. At Ausure Horizon, we want to ensure that your liability insurance for your manufacturing business is tailored to your requirements and inclusive of key additional covers. 

Industry Experts

Food, beverage, textile, metal, plastic, glass and other manufactures choose Ausure Horizon for their product manufacturing insurance. We work across a broad range of industries, delivering industry specific advice and additional cover where necessary.

Custom Cover For Your Operation

At Ausure Horizon, our team can assist with custom cover that works for you. We also offer public liability insurance and workers compensation for manufacturing companies. 

Labour Hire Insurance You Can Rely On

All labour hire firms are different and have various structures. It is imperative you receive insurance for your labour hire or recruitment agency which is correct.

“Cookie Cutter” insurance policies just aren’t enough for labour hire firms. When dealing in this unique industry, it is suggested you deal with experts.

We are Newcastle’s highest rated insurance brokerage firm based on Google Reviews. Read more about Ausure Horizon insurance brokers here. We have a track record of delivering labour hire policies and cover.

What our clients have to say

Labour Hire Insurance 

Labour Hire Insurance is a must-have for any labour hire firm, or host company that employs workers from a labour hire recruitment agency. Labour hire is becoming increasingly more common among various industries across Australia, but it’s important to consider the additional risks it can bring. 

Ausure Horizon offers tailored and comprehensive Labour Hire Insurance that covers you, your staff, and your business. 

The Ausure Horizon team works alongside industry leading insurance underwriters to ensure our policies are the most comprehensive and up to date in the market. Insurance underwriters are responsible for analyzing the risks/hazards associated with different types of insurance. 

We have worked with esteemed underwriters like SURA Labour Hire, Epsilon, Pen Underwriting, and Wellington. Our diverse selection of labour hire insurance specialists are knowledgeable about a wide range of industries and products. By utilising our premier talent pool we can guarantee that you’ll have a relevant and crafted labour hire policy that suits you.

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Who Needs Labour Hire Insurance?

When it comes to protecting your business you want to make sure you have coverage that’s customised and a perfect fit, not a generic half-rate insurance policy that leaves you open to liabilities and lawsuits. From recruitment hire insurance to labour force insurance we can cover you every step of the journey. 

Ausure Horizon have worked with clients hiring labour in a multitude of fields including outdoor blue collar work and indoor office spaces. Determining if a business is considered a labour hire firm is decided case by case. 

Whether your company qualifies may depend on:

  • If your staff being paid an hourly rate, 
  • If the firm is a host employer that brings labour hire on, 
  • And if your labour hirees are working under supervision. 

Typically labour hires are so casually employed, but not on a contract basis. One example of this is in construction work when the number of staff required for each job may differ from site to site. Other industries involved in labour hire include, but are not limited to: transport, building/construction, retail, mining, and warehousing. 

What does Labour Hire Insurance Cover?

The labour hire industry in Australia is now worth over $29 billion annually. However, despite all its benefits there can be many unexpected expenses and insurance claims involved. Some of the most common insurance claims involved are: worker’s compensation, fire and damage, and liability to the public. 

Ausure Horizons unique range of policies means you can choose from a variety of relevant insurance covers. The type of cover usually depends on the industry, type of work, and level of coverage required. Popular policies include recruitment agency insurance, labour hire professional indemnity, and internal labour hire insurance. 

The Ausure Horizon team also offers professional indemnity insurance for clients. This insurance covers companies that provide goods or services to clients and protects them from any damages or sudden legal costs that occur. 

Alternatively, if you’re just looking to cover worker’s compensation, we can also assist you with any of those matters. 

Ausure Horizon is a top labour hire insurance specialist and can assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have about our policies. Contact us today to find out more!

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How can I make a claim?

You can make a claim online – it is easy as filling out our form and uploading your information. You can also call our friendly team on 1300 639 000. You can also make a claim directly with your personal broker.

Do you price match?

Whilst we understand pricing is important, we take a tailored approach to your business – asbestos requires a very specific insurance policy. We believe a coverage first approach is important – getting you the correct cover for your company is first and foremost in our methodology.

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