Personal Cyber Insurance

Ausure Horizon offers a unique cyber insurance policy specially designed to protect individuals and families against cybercrime.

Personal Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber Liability is complex, so it is best to deal with experts in the cyber security insurance world. At Ausure Horizon, we take a coverage first approach to ensure you are covered to the best of our ability.

One event of cyber crime is reported every 10 minutes

Experts in Cyber Insurance

Personal cyber insurance protects you against expenses related to cyber crime.

Coverage for families

Cyber protection for the whole family. Our dedicated team is knowledgeable, experienced and ready to lend support to help give peace of mind when you need it.

Cyber Bullying, Stalking & Harassment Coverage

Beyond the technical side of cyber threats, social media can also become a breeding ground for anti-social behaviour. That’s why the product also responds to Cyber bullying, Stalking & Harassment Coverage.

Insure against cyber crime threats

Key features includes cover for cyber events such as:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Cyber espionage
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Cyber theft
  • Identity theft, and more

Cyber event response costs

  • Credit and identity monitoring
  • Cyber extortion (ransomware)
  • Data restoration costs
  • Data securing costs
  • Legal costs

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Tailored Personal Cyber Insurance Policies

Ausure Horizon offers a unique cyber insurance policy specially designed to protect individuals and families against cybercrime. Our team understand the complex danger posed by technology and the online world. If you’re looking for financial protection and cyber insurance, our team can offer you advice and support.

While the advent of the internet has led to significant new opportunities and interconnectedness, it has also increased new risks to your personal safety and data. These hazards include:

  • Cyber Extortion
  • Hacking
  • Identity Thefts
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Data Breaches

Plus so much more.

According to ABC News, more than one event of cybercrime is reported every ten minutes in Australia. Ransomware is reported to become one of the biggest threats facing families. This attack is used by criminals to seize data or freeze hardware systems, and then demand a ransom. Fraud and identity theft are also extremely commonly reported cyber attacks.

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yber insurance covers all your connected devices at home including your personal computer, tablets, laptops, modems and mobile phones. Beyond just technology, this policy can cover paying ransoms, replacing records or data, preventing further attacks, and more. If a cyber event occurs, it can also offer protection for you, your loved ones, your identity, personal reputation, and wage replacement.


Ausure Horizon recommends this policy for anyone that regularly uses the internet, including emails and social media. It can be beneficial for anyone that conducts financial transactions online. Additionally, if your household has a lot of occupants including children, your risk of being targeted by cybercrime are higher. So investing in cyber insurance can save you a lot of stress and worry in the future.


Online criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their hacking attempts and data security breaches. Even the most tech-savvy individuals can fall victim to these attacks. Many people who think ‘it could never happen to me’ still fall prey to advanced scams like phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are becoming frequently more common and often appear to come from very reputable sources.


Ausure Horizon can present you with policy options and help you to evaluate whether this policy would be right for you. We can offer helpful tips to protect you and your family from common cyberattacks. If you have any questions or concerns about personal cyber insurance, contact Ausure Horizon today. Our team can give you information about policy coverage options and possible costs.

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Common Scenarios

Ransomware virus

Scenario: Sarah was working on her computer when she clicked on a plausible email attachment which unleashed a malware virus. As a result, this locked all of her important files.As a result, Sarah was unable to access the files on her computer unless she paid a Ransom of $10,000.

Solution: Provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the home IT. An IT expert who specialises in ransomware attacks would be appointed to remove the malware and get Sarah’s computer operational again.

Identity theft

Scenario: Daniel received an email on his computer allegedly from a popular social media
platform stating he needed to verify his account by clicking on the provided link. Daniel clicked on the link, and a couple of days later he was unable to log in to his social media accounts. As it turns out, Daniel had downloaded malware onto his computer that allowed a cybercriminal to steal Daniels’ personal information and identity.

Solution: Provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the home IT. The policy would also provide identity theft response costs to help the policyholder re-establish their identity and essential records. If Daniel had to take time off work to rectify his personal records and lost wages as a result, he could be entitled to wage replacement benefits as part of his claim.

Cyber crime

Scenario: Robin received an email on her computer that looked like it was from her bank. The email required Robin to download an attachment to ‘verify’ her account details.It turns out, the email was not from Robin’s bank, it was a fake email from a hacker. The attachment Robin downloaded was a keylogger virus that recorded Robin’s login details for various accounts including the login to her bank account.The hacker then gained access to Robin’s bank account and transferred $5,000 from Robin’s account to their own

Solution: Provides cover for policyholders’ funds that are transferred as a result of cyber theft.Personal Cyber Protection Insurance also provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the policyholder’s home IT


Scenario: Jess just started high school. Within the first few weeks, she became a victim of bullying. It started out as a few comments, however quickly escalated to repeated harsh and vile comments on all of her social media profiles.The online bullying had a significant impact on Jess and led to her not wanting to go to school and a deterioration in her grades.

Solution: Provides cover for a policyholder and their spouse to attend critical guidance sessions if their child is subjected to cyber bullying. In this case, these sessions would help Jess’s family work through this ordeal and better deal with any future instances of cyberbullying.The policy would also cover the costs to try to remove the hurtful comments.The policy would also provide a wage replacement benefit if the parents have to take unpaid time off work to attend guidance sessions or to meet with the school or other authorities to deal with the incident.

Smart device attack

Scenario: Tom noticed random sounds being played and a message being read out from his Google Hub. It turns out, Tom’s Google Hub was hacked.

Solution: Provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the policyholder’s home IT.In this case, we would appoint a forensic IT investigator to assess the Google Hub system, remove malware and secure Tom’s system from further attacks.

Cyber harassment and reputation cover

Scenario: Carla had her home computer accessed by a cyber hacker who exfiltrated her personal emails and photos. The threat actor threatened to release the information, eventually publishing the photos and emails on a website.

Solution: An IT expert would be assigned to attempt to remove Carla’s personal data from the website and to reduce the likelihood of this appearing in Google and other search engines. The policy would also provide cover for legal costs to advise Carla what legal remedies she may have and the steps she could take in response to this incident.

Is financial loss (or loss of money) covered?

The policy provides cover for cyber theft up to 10% of the sum insured i.e. if you buy $50,000 Policy Limit, you will receive $5,000 of cyber theft cover. Cyber theft means an electronic transfer that results in a personal financial loss. The cyber theft must happen because of a cyber event to your home IT and without your knowledge.

The policy does not provide cover for social engineering which most commonly occurs when hackers manipulate people into disclosing private information which leads to them voluntarily parting with money. Hackers take advantage of human nature to exploit an individual.