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Whether you are purchasing your first excavator or managing a nationwide fleet of items Ausure Horizon has the experience to find the best coverage for your business. Receive expert advice from an insurance company that specialises in the plant and heavy construction sector.


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We understand that no two businesses are the same and their insurance should reflect this.

Whether you operate a number of items to support your core business or if plant and machinery IS your business we know what it takes to find the most suitable cover that will see claims get paid and will keep your machinery operating!

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Plant and Machinery Insurance Brokers

As a civil contractor, or plant operator there is no doubt you will want to protect your company including it’s plant and machinery from the unexpected. In that case, it makes sense to have your contractor’s plant machinery insurance policy sorted by experts that understand the nuances of your industry. At Ausure Horizon we are experienced in tailoring plant or machinery insurance to cover the equipment you might use in earthmoving, civil and residential construction, landscaping, mining, manufacturing, logistics and much more…

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The correct equipment cover is often overlooked with business owners focusing their efforts in obtaining the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances required to meet contractual obligations. However, just as it is vitally important to have professionals check that the new equipment is in good working order, it’s important to ensure you receive the same level of professional advice when protecting your equipment over the long term. Sure, it can be easy to buy any contractor’s plant policy and assume that it will do what it’s supposed to, but it always pays to engage specialists to make sure that your insurance includes market leading cover with exceptional value. Ausure Horizon are ready with our dedicated and experienced team of advisors and insurance brokers to cover your plant and machinery providing the security that your business is well looked after following an unfortunate event and to reduce the risk of losing important machinery through an unexpected accident.

Contractors Insurance You Can Rely On

Another area where it’s necessary to purchase contractors plant and machinery insurance coverage relates to when equipment is lost or stolen. Regardless of whether your business is in any of the state’s metro areas like Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane; or somewhere more regional like Broken Hill, Tamworth or Townsville; we are ready to help businesses anywhere in Australia. Time and again we see businesses subjected to the theft of critical pieces of machinery from buildings, workshops or from unattended work sites never to be recovered or to be found in a state of disrepair, this can leave you facing the cost to retrieve it, replace it or repair it. Insurance that provides plant and machinery protection will help to recover any stolen equipment and ensure that you have the tools you need to keep your business running.

The contractors plant and equipment insurance provided by Ausure Horizon will also cover your plant and machinery equipment if a natural disaster occurs such as a fire, flood or storms and is therefore important to protect your business through some of Australia’s most difficult seasons.

The Right Insurance Cover for Plant & Machinery Operators

Whilst a basic Plant and Machinery policy can protect the most obvious risks to your operations it is important to consider the wider risks faced by your industry. 

Public Liability can be less straight forward for those businesses in the Plant and machinery industry with businesses being presented with onerous contracts and tight timeframes it is important to ensure you have a policy designed with the work you do front of mind.

Our contractor plant and machinery policy can also extend to protect your company equipment from damage caused by mechanical breakdown. This can include the costs associated with the repair of your machinery and the Business Interruption costs incurred as a result of any downtime.

You also need to consider the equipment and machinery your employees use while on the job. This coverage is important since equipment can get damaged, lost, stolen or break down. In the worst-case scenario, when specialised equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, it could take many weeks to repair, or source a replacement. This can leave your business facing significant lengths of downtime, which is very costly. With a contractor’s plant and machinery insurance policy through Ausure Horizon you will know exactly where you stand so you can be rest assured that your machinery is in safe hands.

Beyond your businesses equipment it is important to consider your wider business risks. Pollution liability insurance, employment practices liability insurance, tax audit defence insurance and directors and officer’s insurance are all key policies to consider for your civil contracting, or earthmoving business.

So regardless of whether you are based in a bustling city like Melbourne, Wollongong or Newcastle or somewhere more regional like Broken Hill or Tamworth Ausure Horizon are on hand to ensure businesses throughout Australia hav the right insurances in place.

Disaster at Your Door? Then So is Ausure Horizon

As important as having the correct coverage is having the right team on hand to manage any claims you may need to make on your contractor’s plant and machinery insurance policies. We at Ausure Horizon understand this and believe it’s essential for all business owners to have a trusted professional with the qualifications and experience to minimise the effect any unfortunate event may have on your business. Our team are on hand to help provide you with the advice that can make the difference in your hour of need.

Insurance You Can Count on For Plant & Machinery Companies

At Ausure Horizon, we know that we can find the right contractors plant insurance policy solution for your business. We aim to bring you plant and machinery insurance options that are relevant and useful to your businesses goals and specific to your requirements so you can cover your equipment the right way and ultimately keep your business protected from unwelcome events in the future.

So, if you’re a business in Australia that requires contractors plant and machinery insurance, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be on your side with an insurance program that will help you rest easy.

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What services do you offer?

From Mini Excavators and Loaders to Large Drill Rigs and Static Cranes we have experience in finding the right cover for your unique business.

Some of the key covers available include;

  • Damage to Plant & Machinery
  • Public Liability
  • Substitute Hire Costs
  • Downhole Cover
  • Hired in Plant
  • Increased Cost of Working
  • Workers Compensation advice

Where do you cover?

We offer cover operators Australia-wide. Whether you are in the metro areas of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin or in regional Australia states, know that Ausure Horizon can help!

How can I make a claim?

You can make a claim online – it is easy as filling out our form and uploading your information. You can also call our friendly team on 1300 639 000. You can also make a claim directly with your personal broker.

Why Ausure Horizon?

Ausure Horizon set ourselves apart from other insurance brokerages by offering bespoke cover and superior customer service. Our policies are extensive and our team will create a tailored solution for you.

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