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For NSW Businesses looking for expert advice on their Workers Compensation

Is your business paying more than $30k a year in Workers Compensation?

Ausure Horizon is excited to have partnered with Solutions 4 Workers Compensation to offer a hands-on approach to managing your workers compensation insurance.

Simplifying Workers Compensation for businesses Spending More Than $30k

Peace of Mind

Solutions 4 Workers Compensation cut the red tape out of workers compensation insurance, so you can get out and do what you do best!

Workers Comp Specialists

Solutions 4 Workers Compensation are your Australian specialists in all things workers compensation, classifications, premium appeals and modelling.

Industry Experts

With over 30 years experience in the workers compensation game, few can match the level of expertise bought to the table by Solutions 4 Workers Compensation.


saved over two years

Residential Care Services – Savings of $600,000 over two years as I was able to successfully appeal a reduction in the claim costs used in the premium formula.


saved over two years

Road Transport & Heavy Haulage – Savings of $150,000 over two years as an incorrect ‘date of injury’ used on an industrial deafness claim, thus not premium impacting.



Local Government – Savings of $120,000 as result of an appeal being able to reduce the cost of claims used in the premium formula.



Retail Trade Store: Dry Plastering – Savings of $60,000 as a result of an appeal which resulted in split classifications.



Heavy Engineering – Savings of $55,000 as a result of incorrect claims history being applied.



Pipe Line Construction – Savings of $50,000 as a result of incorrect premium formula being applied.
Darren James, Reliable Conveyor Belt
A true gentleman with vast workers compensation experience. Has helped us deliver lower premiums and return to work outcomes

Darren James, Reliable Conveyor Belt

Jared Gillard, Premier Youthworks
Nick’s knowledge of workers compensation premiums and the current and past insurance scheme structures has enabled Premier Youthworks to obtain a significant savings. Nick not only identified errors in previous premium calculations from icare but also handled the conversations with icare to receive the required adjustments.

Jared Gillard, Premier Youthworks

Lynette Cotter, NHS Group
Solutions 4 Workers Compensation has significantly reduced our premiums with two successful premiums and claim appeals. They know how to navigate the workers compensation maze and have reduced the stress and time we spend on workers comp premiums. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any employer.

Lynette Cotter, NHS Group

Nick Vitullo

Introducing Your Workers Compensation Expert

Nick Vitullo

With over 30 years experience in the workers compensation game, few can match the level of expertise bought to the table by Nick.

After 12 years as an Underwriting Manager for the Hunter and Northern NSW followed by 20 years as a Senior Accounts Manager, Nick is excited to be able to help businesses navigate the increasingly challenging management of your Workers Compensation.

Newcastle’s highest rated plant and heavy machinery insurance broker based on Google Reviews.

What Solutions 4 Workers Offers

  • Forensic audit of an employer’s premium including previous scheme agent
  • Checking classifications including adding and or deleting
  • Drafting of premium appeals
  • Regular premium forecasts
  • Premium modeling
  • Company splitting
  • Advice as to when to submit reimbursement of wages
  • Cross border issues
  • Grouping
  • Liasing with senior icare and EML GIO staff on any complaints

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