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Trucking & Fleet Vehicle Insurance That Works

If you are in the business of logistics you need to have commercial vehicle insurance. This type of insurance covers several risks to your goods, your trucking fleet and yourself. As this cover is tailored to you, as a business owner you should know what all of this entails before you start shopping for the right insurance policy.

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It is a good idea to be well versed with the different types of commercial vehicle insurance you can get. The most common types of business vehicle insurance are collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and liability. These are the most popular types of insurance policies. We offer insurance from semi-trailers to fleets. Whether you are a logistics expert or fleet manager, we can assist with all of your transport and heavy logistics needs. 

An Array of Policy Options Tailored To Trucking Insurance

Collision insurance is the most popular type of insurance, and it works very well with insurance companies that cover commercial trucks. Collision insurance covers the damages done by a vehicle in an accident. If there is no damage done to your vehicle, then your liability insurance is the same thing.

A trucking insurance policy like this will pay for any repairs to your commercial truck. It will also pay to replace the truck if it is totalled. Medical payments will cover the costs of medical treatment for injured persons whilst in your truck. In some cases, it will also cover the expense of your hospital bills.

The other common type of commercial motor insurance that covers the goods in your truck is liability insurance. Liability insurance protects your fleet of trucks if they are involved in an accident and someone is injured. The amount of money your truck or vehicle can cost you depends on the damage done to the other cars in the accident.

Another reason why people may want to get liability insurance is that if you own the truck outright, the insurance policy may only cover damage to other cars and people in the accident. If you are buying the truck through a loan, the loan company can add any of their deductibles to the total amount as well.

We Insure Trucking and Logistic Fleets

If you require any of these kinds of truck insurance quotes regarding your commercial vehicle, we can help. We offer and have expertise in providing an array of policies including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Truck Insurance
  • Transport Insurance
  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Commercial Van Insurance
  • And Many More!

Truck insurance quotes online can be confusing at times. At Ausure Horizon, we can comprehend the level of complexity and sophistication your business may be subject to, and so tailor-made policies that reflect these aspects. Other trucking insurance companies just don’t give you the confidence you need from a commercial vehicle insurance policy as we do to operate your business efficiently and effectively.

Ausure Horizon Understands Your Trucking Company & Specific Needs

When you purchase a truck or commercial vehicle insurance policy with us, we make sure you are aware of every vital part of the policy creation and how it’s implemented. If you feel uncomfortable about something, you can let us know, and we’ll come back to you with considerate adaptations. We want you to know exactly what you’re purchasing before you sign the paperwork, and we make this process as smooth and as easy as possible for you – we’ve got time.

Trucking, heavy vehicle, or fleet insurance is something that most drivers don’t think about until they need it, and these situations become very stressful and expensive very quickly. We want you one step ahead of the curve in case that unwelcome event does come around the corner. Even if you’re in Brisbane, Broken Hill, Mackay, Sydney, Melbourne or regional areas around Australia, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. 

So if you need a truck or a fleet insurance policy for your vehicles, contact us today, and we’ll be along for the ride with you!

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What services do you offer?

Some of the key covers available include;

  • Heavy Motor Insurance
  • Public Liability for Transport Operators
  • Transit Insurance
  • Downtime Cover
  • Burner, Aggregate and Claims Experience Discounts Options Available
  • Transport Industry Management Liability Policies
  • Workers Compensation advice

Where do you cover?

We offer cover operators Australia-wide. Whether you are in the metro areas of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin or in regional Australia states, know that Ausure Horizon can help with your transportation insurance needs.

How can I make a claim?

You can make a claim online – it is easy as filling out our form and uploading your information. You can also call our friendly team on 1300 639 000. You can also make a claim directly with your personal broker.

Do you price match?

Whilst we understand pricing is important, we take a tailored approach to your business. We believe a coverage first approach is important – getting you the correct cover for your transport company is first and foremost in our methodology.

Why Ausure Horizon?

We are not generalists – we are specialists in the trucking insurance industry. We have been featured in Australian Prime Mover Magazine and continue to provide specialist advice to transport operators on a daily basis.

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